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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation

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Reg Name Father Mother Born
DN14072802   Ike Of Tongue River Farm     01.01.1900
DN14142101   Pineridge Kilja                     01.01.1900
DN14177201   Audurs Tryna                        01.01.1900
DN14533201   Arnar Tryggvission Bolstad        01.01.1900
DN15134201   Yeoman Farms Boti                   01.01.1900
DN15059701   Pineridge Flikka                    01.01.1900
DN16111001   Isi Kaffisukkolathi                 01.01.1900
DN11820504   North Skye Ran                      01.01.1900
DK19675/2010 Surtsey's K-Kola Astvinur Fjalar Gjósku Ása 01.01.1900
DK19676/2010 Surtsey's K-Kolbrá Astvinur Fjalar Gjósku Ása 01.01.1900
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