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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation

Icelandic Sheepdog International Commitee

ISIC is the international official cooperation for the preservation of the
Icelandic Sheepdog. ISIC’s concern is breeding linked to the breed´s origin, to breed abilities, health, type and genetic variation. ISIC was founded in 1996 on initiative of Guðrún Ragnars Guðjohnsen, President of Hundaræktarfélag Íslands * (HRFÍ) as well as responsible for Deild Íslendska Fjárhundsins ** (DÍF) at that time.

 * The official Icelandic Kennel Club

** The official Icelandic Sheepdog Breeding Club

Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation (ISIC) is founded in order to preserve a robust
population of Icelandic sheepdogs as the breed is described by the Federation Cynologique

Internationale (FCI) breed standard by means of:

  • honouring the cultural heritage of the breed,
  • common knowledge held by the member clubs,
  • a common computer base including all Icelandic sheepdogs,
  • common statistics of health matters,
  • common understanding of mentality, herding, watchdog abilities, breed type and overall appearance,
  • increasing genetic variation and maintain it in a high level.

One of the foundations for the cooperation is to regard all icelandic sheepdogs whereever they lives on population.