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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation


Registration Nr:
17.06.1994 in Denmark
Bente & Bjarne Nordb. Nielsen
black tricolor
Original Color:
The Icelandic Sheepdogs and their colors

One of the most special attributes of the Icelandic dog is his color. To embrace the diffrenent approaches and keep the varity alive, the "Orignial-Color" shows how the dog was registered, often in their original language.
The "Color-Group" shows which main color group the dog belongs to with two important rules: White is always part of the color, and dogs which are black are always registered as tricolor dogs.

Siblings with same father ( 48 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK08166/92 Kløverhus Naskur Snorri Solfari's Erla 30-03-1992
DK08167/92 Kløverhus Neisti Snorri Solfari's Erla 30-03-1992
DK08168/92 Kløverhus Nafna Snorri Solfari's Erla 30-03-1992
DK08169/92 Kløverhus Nanna Snorri Solfari's Erla 30-03-1992
DK08170/92 Kløverhus Nina Snorri Solfari's Erla 30-03-1992
DK08171/92 Kløverhus Nunna Snorri Solfari's Erla 30-03-1992
DK08172/92 Kløverhus Nypa Snorri Solfari's Erla 30-03-1992
DK08173/92 Kløverhus Natt Filla Snorri Solfari's Erla 30-03-1992
DK08233/89 Micha's Bara Snorri Geitir Silkisif 30-03-1989
DK08234/89 Micha's Salkavalka Snorri Geitir Silkisif 30-03-1989
DK08235/89 Micha's Brellir Snorri Geitir Silkisif 30-03-1989
DK08236/89 Micha's Bjarni Snorri Geitir Silkisif 30-03-1989
DK10699/90 Kløverhus Lappi Snorri Solfari's Erla 28-04-1990
DK10701/90 Kløverhus Lubbi Snorri Solfari's Erla 28-04-1990
DK12259/86 Sigga Snorri Trissa 29-04-1986
DK12260/86 Kylja Snorri Trissa 29-04-1986
DK12261/86 Gletta Snorri Trissa 29-04-1986
DK12262/86 Ljømi Snorri Trissa 29-04-1986
DK12263/86 Frosti Snorri Trissa 29-04-1986
DK12264/86 Sindri Snorri Trissa 29-04-1986
DK12265/86 Garpur Snorri Trissa 29-04-1986
DK17305/94 Siggi Snorri Lysa 17-06-1994
DK17307/94 Svaki Snorri Lysa 17-06-1994
DK17308/94 Sikill Snorri Lysa 17-06-1994
DK17926/90 Sif Snorri Tinna 10-07-1990
DK17953/92 Tossi Snorri Loa 26-07-1992
DK17954/92 Nanna Snorri Loa 26-07-1992
DK17955/92 Nøs Snorri Loa 26-07-1992
DK17956/92 Bangsi Snorri Loa 26-07-1992
DK17957/92 Tyra Snorri Loa 26-07-1992
DK17958/92 Litlaloa Snorri Loa 26-07-1992
DK18483/91 Vaka Snorri Solfari's Birna 23-07-1991
DK18484/91 Askja Snorri Solfari's Birna 23-07-1991
DK18485/91 Tyra Snorri Solfari's Birna 23-07-1991
DK18486/91 Bangsi Snorri Solfari's Birna 23-07-1991
DK18487/91 Laxi Snorri Solfari's Birna 23-07-1991
DK19156/87 Micha's Adda Snorri Geitir Silkisif 28-07-1987
DK19157/87 Micha's Arsol Snorri Geitir Silkisif 28-07-1987
DK19158/87 Micha's Assa Snorri Geitir Silkisif 28-07-1987
DK19159/87 Micha's Aki Snorri Geitir Silkisif 28-07-1987
DK19911/90 Sigla Snorri Solfari's Eistla 24-07-1990
DK22136/95 Kløverhus Raggi Snorri Skovridergaardens Hrisla 18-08-1995
DK22137/95 Kløverhus Runi Snorri Skovridergaardens Hrisla 18-08-1995
DK22138/95 Kløverhus Ragga Snorri Skovridergaardens Hrisla 18-08-1995
DK22139/95 Kløverhus Rella Snorri Skovridergaardens Hrisla 18-08-1995
DK22140/95 Kløverhus Rikka Snorri Skovridergaardens Hrisla 18-08-1995
DK22141/95 Kløverhus Randa Snorri Skovridergaardens Hrisla 18-08-1995
DK22142/95 Kløverhus Rimma Snorri Skovridergaardens Hrisla 18-08-1995
Siblings with same mother ( 16 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK05711/99 Aldisfenja Skovridergaardens Vinur Lysa 19-03-1999
DK05712/99 Askja Skovridergaardens Vinur Lysa 19-03-1999
DK05713/99 Asta Skovridergaardens Vinur Lysa 19-03-1999
DK05714/99 Ari Skovridergaardens Vinur Lysa 19-03-1999
DK05715/99 Atli Skovridergaardens Vinur Lysa 19-03-1999
DK11628/97 Tigla Orri Av Isheim Lysa 19-05-1997
DK11629/97 Trissa Orri Av Isheim Lysa 19-05-1997
DK11630/97 Tibrâ Orri Av Isheim Lysa 19-05-1997
DK11631/97 Tyr Orri Av Isheim Lysa 19-05-1997
DK11632/97 Tjalfe Orri Av Isheim Lysa 19-05-1997
DK11633/97 Tritill Orri Av Isheim Lysa 19-05-1997
DK17305/94 Siggi Snorri Lysa 17-06-1994
DK17307/94 Svaki Snorri Lysa 17-06-1994
DK17308/94 Sikill Snorri Lysa 17-06-1994
DK23457/95 Freya Skovridergaardens Landi Lysa 25-08-1995
DK23458/95 Fáni Skovridergaardens Landi Lysa 25-08-1995