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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation

Geitir Silkisif

Registration Nr:
12.06.1985 in Denmark
Lóa frá Ólafsvöllum
Kennel Geitir
reddish brown
Original Color:
HD 2:
The Icelandic Sheepdogs and their colors

One of the most special attributes of the Icelandic dog is his color. To embrace the diffrenent approaches and keep the varity alive, the "Orignial-Color" shows how the dog was registered, often in their original language.
The "Color-Group" shows which main color group the dog belongs to with two important rules: White is always part of the color, and dogs which are black are always registered as tricolor dogs.

Siblings with same father ( 53 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK02094/86 Solfari's Bjørk Ari Vaka 25-12-1985
DK02096/86 Solfari's Birna Ari Vaka 25-12-1985
DK08161/87 Askjas Alda Ari Askja 02-04-1987
DK08162/87 Askjas Assa Ari Askja 02-04-1987
DK08163/87 Askjas Asi Ari Askja 02-04-1987
DK08164/87 Askjas Afi Ari Askja 02-04-1987
DK08165/87 Askjas Aki Ari Askja 02-04-1987
DK08636/87 Sæta Ari Skovridergaardens Vaka 20-02-1987
DK08637/87 Sølvi Ari Skovridergaardens Vaka 20-02-1987
DK08638/87 Skessa Ari Skovridergaardens Vaka 20-02-1987
DK09617/88 Askjas Congur Ari Askja 25-03-1988
DK15492/86 Oldenhus Mori Ari Sigyn 08-05-1986
DK15493/86 Oldenhus Lettir Ari Sigyn 08-05-1986
DK15622/88 Jøtunn Ari Gæfa 21-06-1988
DK15623/88 Neisti Ari Gæfa 21-06-1988
DK15624/88 Gosi Ari Gæfa 21-06-1988
DK15625/88 Tigla Ari Gæfa 21-06-1988
DK15626/88 Hetja Ari Gæfa 21-06-1988
DK16820/85 Oldenhus Jørp Ari Tyra 05-05-1985
DK16821/85 Oldenhus Sæta Ari Tyra 05-05-1985
DK16822/85 Oldenhus Katina Ari Tyra 05-05-1985
DK16823/85 Oldenhus Leista Ari Tyra 05-05-1985
DK16824/85 Oldenhus Snorri Ari Tyra 05-05-1985
DK16825/85 Oldenhus Kjammi Ari Tyra 05-05-1985
DK16826/85 Oldenhus Nykur Ari Tyra 05-05-1985
DK16827/85 Oldenhus Bjartur Ari Tyra 05-05-1985
DK17487/87 Sindri Ari Sigla 01-07-1987
DK17488/87 Tjaldur Ari Sigla 01-07-1987
DK17489/87 Saga Ari Sigla 01-07-1987
DK17490/87 Dila Ari Sigla 01-07-1987
DK22402/87 Solfari's Huglikur Siggi Ari Vaka 27-08-1987
DK22403/87 Solfari's Halur Ganti Ari Vaka 27-08-1987
DK22404/87 Solfari's Heidi Ari Vaka 27-08-1987
DK22405/87 Solfari's Hrefna Ari Vaka 27-08-1987
DK22406/87 Solfari's Hera Ari Vaka 27-08-1987
DK22407/87 Solfari's Hrønn Ari Vaka 27-08-1987
DK22408/87 Solfari's Hrisla Ari Vaka 27-08-1987
DK22409/87 Solfari's Hrina Ari Vaka 27-08-1987
DK22410/87 Solfari's Hneta Ari Vaka 27-08-1987
DK22411/87 Solfari's Gisli Ari Komma 10-08-1987
DK22412/87 Solfari's Gaski Ari Komma 10-08-1987
DK22413/87 Solfari's Gloi Ari Komma 10-08-1987
DK22414/87 Solfari's Geisli Ari Komma 10-08-1987
DK25122/88 Askjas Tessa Ari Hekla 19-10-1988
DK25310/86 Solfari's Eldjarn Ari Vaka 02-09-1986
DK25313/86 Solfari's Elja Ari Vaka 02-09-1986
DK25314/86 Solfari's Erla Ari Vaka 02-09-1986
DK28371/88 Solfari's Isa Ari Vaka 29-10-1988
DK28372/88 Solfari's Irpa Pitla Ari Vaka 29-10-1988
DK28373/88 Solfari's Idunn Kædla Ari Vaka 29-10-1988
DK28374/88 Solfari's Isni Joki Ari Vaka 29-10-1988
DK28375/88 Solfari's Issi Ari Vaka 29-10-1988
DK28376/88 Solfari's Itur Ari Vaka 29-10-1988
Siblings with same mother ( 3 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK15305/86 Geitir Gloa Tófta- Njáll Lóa frá Ólafsvöllum 08-06-1986
DK15308/86 Geitir Goli Tófta- Njáll Lóa frá Ólafsvöllum 08-06-1986
DK15704/82 Isafold Silla Valur Lóa frá Ólafsvöllum 12-02-1981
Puppies ( 8 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK08233/89 Micha's Bara Snorri Geitir Silkisif 30-03-1989
DK08234/89 Micha's Salkavalka Snorri Geitir Silkisif 30-03-1989
DK08235/89 Micha's Brellir Snorri Geitir Silkisif 30-03-1989
DK08236/89 Micha's Bjarni Snorri Geitir Silkisif 30-03-1989
DK19156/87 Micha's Adda Snorri Geitir Silkisif 28-07-1987
DK19157/87 Micha's Arsol Snorri Geitir Silkisif 28-07-1987
DK19158/87 Micha's Assa Snorri Geitir Silkisif 28-07-1987
DK19159/87 Micha's Aki Snorri Geitir Silkisif 28-07-1987