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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation


Registration Nr:
06.06.1985 in Denmark
Arnastaða- Snotra
Lisa Møller Hansen
Original Color:
Bo Hansen
HD 2:
The Icelandic Sheepdogs and their colors

One of the most special attributes of the Icelandic dog is his color. To embrace the diffrenent approaches and keep the varity alive, the "Orignial-Color" shows how the dog was registered, often in their original language.
The "Color-Group" shows which main color group the dog belongs to with two important rules: White is always part of the color, and dogs which are black are always registered as tricolor dogs.

Siblings from the same litter ( 1 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK20229/85 Sigla Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 06.06.1985
Siblings with same father ( 12 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK19094/86 Bassi Bangsi Perla 10.07.1986
DK19095/86 Mia Bangsi Perla 10.07.1986
DK19096/86 Lady Bangsi Perla 10.07.1986
DK20063/84 Perla Bangsi Drífa frá Keldnakoti 03.02.1984
DK20229/85 Sigla Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 06.06.1985
DK32757/84 Skovridergaardens Asi Bangsi Skovridergaardens Trissa 05.10.1984
DK32758/84 Skovridergaardens Afi Bangsi Skovridergaardens Trissa 05.10.1984
DK32759/84 Skovridergaardens Askur Bangsi Skovridergaardens Trissa 05.10.1984
DK32760/84 Skovridergaardens Assa Bangsi Skovridergaardens Trissa 05.10.1984
DK35807/81 Askja Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 28.06.1981
DK35808/81 Sigla Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 28.06.1981
DK35810/81 Tyra Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 28.06.1981
Siblings with same mother ( 20 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK12488/86 Bersi Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12489/86 Blikki Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12490/86 Siggi Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12491/86 Flippi Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12492/86 Sika Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12493/86 Driva Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12494/86 Kvikka Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12495/86 Misla Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12496/86 Hrisla Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK20229/85 Sigla Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 06.06.1985
DK28030/82 Gløa Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28031/82 Sletta Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28032/82 Swædis Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28033/82 Glauma Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28034/82 Huni Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28035/82 Skeggi Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28036/82 Baldur Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK35807/81 Askja Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 28.06.1981
DK35808/81 Sigla Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 28.06.1981
DK35810/81 Tyra Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 28.06.1981
Puppies ( 48 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK00033/96 Geysir's Auki Tjaldur Prud 11.12.1995
DK00034/96 Geysir's Atli Tjaldur Prud 11.12.1995
DK07233/95 Litla Tjaldur Mysla 07.03.1995
DK07234/95 Tyra Tjaldur Mysla 07.03.1995
DK07235/95 Odinn Tjaldur Mysla 07.03.1995
DK07236/95 Siggi Tjaldur Mysla 07.03.1995
DK07237/95 Soti Tjaldur Mysla 07.03.1995
DK07238/95 Sigurbodi Tjaldur Mysla 07.03.1995
DK08572/94 Sunna Tjaldur Litla 14.03.1994
DK08573/94 Snælda Tjaldur Litla 14.03.1994
DK08574/94 Skolli Tjaldur Litla 14.03.1994
DK08575/94 Tofa Tjaldur Litla 14.03.1994
DK13878/94 Kira Tjaldur Sigla 31.05.1994
DK13879/94 Møkvi Tjaldur Sigla 31.05.1994
DK13880/94 Vinsur Tjaldur Sigla 31.05.1994
DK13881/94 Rakur Tjaldur Sigla 31.05.1994
DK13882/94 Thor Tjaldur Sigla 31.05.1994
DK16602/95 Loa Tjaldur Litla 12.06.1995
DK16603/95 Loke Tjaldur Litla 12.06.1995
DK16604/95 Soti Tjaldur Litla 12.06.1995
DK16605/95 Huni Tjaldur Litla 12.06.1995
DK16606/95 Snorri Tjaldur Litla 12.06.1995
DK16607/95 Hnokki Tjaldur Litla 12.06.1995
DK18430/95 Mysla Tjaldur Surtsey's Venus 25.06.1995
DK18431/95 Moa Tjaldur Surtsey's Venus 25.06.1995
DK18432/95 Huni Tjaldur Surtsey's Venus 25.06.1995
DK18433/95 Blossi Tjaldur Surtsey's Venus 25.06.1995
DK18434/95 Bersi Tjaldur Surtsey's Venus 25.06.1995
DK18907/95 Havi Tjaldur Loa 14.06.1995
DK18908/95 Milla Tjaldur Loa 14.06.1995
DK18909/95 Ganti Tjaldur Loa 14.06.1995
DK18910/95 Darri Tjaldur Loa 14.06.1995
DK18911/95 Saga Tjaldur Loa 14.06.1995
DK18912/95 Isa Tjaldur Loa 14.06.1995
DK18913/95 Landi Tjaldur Loa 14.06.1995
DK19718/95 Frami's Ala Tjaldur Tinna 11.07.1995
DK19719/95 Frami's Askja Tjaldur Tinna 11.07.1995
DK19720/95 Frami's Aldis Tjaldur Tinna 11.07.1995
DK19721/95 Frami's Anvaka Tjaldur Tinna 11.07.1995
DK19722/95 Frami's Atli Tjaldur Tinna 11.07.1995
DK19723/95 Frami's Andi Tjaldur Tinna 11.07.1995
DK19724/95 Frami's Lagsi Tjaldur Tinna 11.07.1995
DK20579/93 Snot Tjaldur Tinna 24.07.1993
DK20580/93 Skolli Tjaldur Tinna 24.07.1993
DK20581/93 Sif Tjaldur Tinna 24.07.1993
DK20582/93 Sigga Tjaldur Tinna 24.07.1993
DK20583/93 Snorri Tjaldur Tinna 24.07.1993
DK20584/93 Sindri Tjaldur Tinna 24.07.1993