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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation


Registration Nr:
30.09.1985 in Denmark
Peter Kragelund Philipsen, Kennel Askja
Original Color:
Blach with White
Peter Kragelund Philipsen, Kennel Askja
HD 2:
The Icelandic Sheepdogs and their colors

One of the most special attributes of the Icelandic dog is his color. To embrace the diffrenent approaches and keep the varity alive, the "Orignial-Color" shows how the dog was registered, often in their original language.
The "Color-Group" shows which main color group the dog belongs to with two important rules: White is always part of the color, and dogs which are black are always registered as tricolor dogs.

Siblings from the same litter ( 4 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK31984/85 Svartur Serkur Askja 30-09-1985
DK31985/85 Snorri Serkur Askja 30-09-1985
DK31986/85 Sørli Serkur Askja 30-09-1985
DK31987/85 Sokki Serkur Askja 30-09-1985
Siblings with same father ( 40 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
IS01681/89 Skovridergaardens- Katla Serkur Íslands-Garða- Laila 22-07-1988
IS01683/89 Skovridergaardens- Kraka Serkur Íslands-Garða- Laila 22-07-1988
IS01684/89 Skovridergaardens- Kolur Serkur Íslands-Garða- Laila 22-07-1988
DK08822/89 Neist Serkur Buska 15-03-1989
DK08823/89 Gæfa Serkur Buska 15-03-1989
DK08824/89 Tofa Serkur Buska 15-03-1989
DK08825/89 Brella Serkur Buska 15-03-1989
DK10623/87 Skovridergaardens Flotti Serkur Skovridergaardens Trissa 27-04-1987
DK10624/87 Skovridergaardens Floki Serkur Skovridergaardens Trissa 27-04-1987
DK11350/87 Skovridergaardens Huginn Serkur Íslands-Garða- Laila 24-04-1987
DK11351/87 Skovridergaardens Heidi Serkur Íslands-Garða- Laila 24-04-1987
DK12037/86 Landi Ari Serkur Mysla 05-05-1986
DK12038/86 Landi Siggi Serkur Mysla 05-05-1986
DK17305/91 Kløverhus Muni Serkur Solfari's Bjørk 02-07-1991
DK17306/91 Kløverhus Morgunbjarmi Serkur Solfari's Bjørk 02-07-1991
DK17307/91 Kløverhus Mysla Serkur Solfari's Bjørk 02-07-1991
DK17308/91 Kløverhus Moska Serkur Solfari's Bjørk 02-07-1991
DK17309/91 Kløverhus Milla Serkur Solfari's Bjørk 02-07-1991
DK17310/91 Kløverhus Moa Serkur Solfari's Bjørk 02-07-1991
DK18669/87 Landi Bersi Serkur Mysla 21-07-1987
DK18670/87 Landi Stina Serkur Mysla 21-07-1987
DK18671/87 Landi Sara Serkur Mysla 21-07-1987
DK19030/88 Skovridergaardens Kolur Serkur Íslands-Garða- Laila 22-07-1988
DK19033/88 Skovridergaardens Kola Serkur Íslands-Garða- Laila 22-07-1988
DK25329/86 Skovridergaardens Disa Serkur Skovridergaardens Trissa 10-09-1986
DK25330/86 Skovridergaardens Dani Serkur Skovridergaardens Trissa 10-09-1986
DK27593/93 Skovridergaardens Serkur Serkur Skovridergaardens Kola 07-11-1993
DK27594/93 Skovridergaardens Mestur Serkur Íslands-Garða- Laila 08-11-1993
DK27595/93 Skovridergaardens M Tinni Serkur Íslands-Garða- Laila 08-11-1993
DK27596/93 Skovridergaardens Majsa Serkur Íslands-Garða- Laila 08-11-1993
DK27597/93 Skovridergaardens Misla Serkur Íslands-Garða- Laila 08-11-1993
DK31984/85 Svartur Serkur Askja 30-09-1985
DK31985/85 Snorri Serkur Askja 30-09-1985
DK31986/85 Sørli Serkur Askja 30-09-1985
DK31987/85 Sokki Serkur Askja 30-09-1985
DK33290/85 Gullfossens Esja Serkur Edda 01-11-1985
DK33291/85 Gullfossens Vigga Serkur Edda 01-11-1985
DK33292/85 Gullfossens Titta Serkur Edda 01-11-1985
DK33293/85 Gullfossens Joki Serkur Edda 01-11-1985
DK33294/85 Gullfossens Vigi Serkur Edda 01-11-1985
Siblings with same mother ( 45 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK02090/91 Askjas Hrannar Solfari's Geisli Askja 03-01-1991
DK02091/91 Askjas Heimir Solfari's Geisli Askja 21-12-1990
DK02092/91 Askjas Hrefna Solfari's Geisli Askja 21-12-1990
DK02093/91 Askjas Hetja Solfari's Geisli Askja 21-12-1990
DK02094/91 Askjas Hela Solfari's Geisli Askja 21-12-1990
DK02095/91 Askjas Hrønn Solfari's Geisli Askja 21-12-1990
DK02096/91 Askjas Hrima Solfari's Geisli Askja 21-12-1990
DK07758/92 Askjas Matti Solfari's Geisli Askja 11-03-1992
DK07759/92 Askjas Menja Solfari's Geisli Askja 12-03-1992
DK08161/87 Askjas Alda Ari Askja 02-04-1987
DK08162/87 Askjas Assa Ari Askja 02-04-1987
DK08163/87 Askjas Asi Ari Askja 02-04-1987
DK08164/87 Askjas Afi Ari Askja 02-04-1987
DK08165/87 Askjas Aki Ari Askja 02-04-1987
DK09617/88 Askjas Congur Ari Askja 25-03-1988
DK10668/89 Askjas Fannar Uggi Askja 22-04-1989
DK10669/89 Askjas Fengur Uggi Askja 22-04-1989
DK10670/89 Askjas Flenna Uggi Askja 22-04-1989
DK10671/89 Askjas Frejka Uggi Askja 22-04-1989
DK10672/89 Askjas Fifa Uggi Askja 22-04-1989
DK10673/89 Askjas Fenja Uggi Askja 22-04-1989
DK14529/90 Askjas Gloa Solfari's Geisli Askja 31-05-1990
DK14530/90 Askjas Gaska Solfari's Geisli Askja 31-05-1990
DK14531/90 Askjas Glanna Solfari's Geisli Askja 31-05-1990
DK14532/90 Askjas Glamur Solfari's Geisli Askja 31-05-1990
DK14533/90 Askjas Glanni Solfari's Geisli Askja 31-05-1990
DK14653/86 Brynja Arni Askja 03-05-1986
DK14654/86 Bibi Arni Askja 03-05-1986
DK14655/86 Buska Arni Askja 03-05-1986
DK14656/86 Bera Arni Askja 03-05-1986
DK14657/86 Blida Arni Askja 03-05-1986
DK14658/86 Bjørk Arni Askja 03-05-1986
DK14659/86 Blesa Arni Askja 03-05-1986
DK29669/84 Hekla Vakur Askja 14-09-1984
DK29670/84 Katla Vakur Askja 14-09-1984
DK29671/84 Krabla Vakur Askja 14-09-1984
DK29672/84 Freyja Vakur Askja 14-09-1984
DK29673/84 Geysir Vakur Askja 14-09-1984
DK29674/84 Jøkull Vakur Askja 14-09-1984
DK29675/84 Lappi Vakur Askja 14-09-1984
DK29676/84 Landi Vakur Askja 14-09-1984
DK31984/85 Svartur Serkur Askja 30-09-1985
DK31985/85 Snorri Serkur Askja 30-09-1985
DK31986/85 Sørli Serkur Askja 30-09-1985
DK31987/85 Sokki Serkur Askja 30-09-1985