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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation


Registration Nr:
07.01.1900 in Iceland
Ekki vitað
Ekki vitað
Not Registered
The Icelandic Sheepdogs and their colors

One of the most special attributes of the Icelandic dog is his color. To embrace the diffrenent approaches and keep the varity alive, the "Orignial-Color" shows how the dog was registered, often in their original language.
The "Color-Group" shows which main color group the dog belongs to with two important rules: White is always part of the color, and dogs which are black are always registered as tricolor dogs.

Puppies ( 10 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
IS00923/85 Flögu- Kátur Tófi Vala 23.04.1985
IS01053/86 Flögu- Fjára Tófi Vala 23.04.1985
IS01101/86 Flögu- Trýna Tófi Vala 29.11.1985
IS01253/87 Flögu- Táta Tófi Vala 29.11.1985
IS01256/87 Kolur Tófi Snotra 25.11.1986
IS01257/87 Laxi Tófi Snotra 25.11.1986
IS01258/87 Kópur Tófi Snotra 25.11.1986
IS01416/88 Flögu- Táta Tófi Vala 23.04.1985
IS01501/88 Flögu- Tófa Tófi Vala 23.04.1985
IS03626/95 Flögu- Kátur Tófi Vala 29.11.1985